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So many of us are used to living our lives at the pace of "Go." Maybe it's always having somewhere to go, somewhere to be. Maybe it's always thinking about, "what's next?" We're living at a pace and in a culture that says productivity is essential for value. Even when we're "not" doing anything, we're always doing something, needing something like a screen in front of us to pass the time.

This attitude of always hustling, always hurrying affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in ways we don't always realize. This study is here to help us reclaim our lives. We don't have to and weren't designed to live at a pace of always hustling, always hurrying. As you listen and reflect on the episodes and questions, we hope that you will find what acts of resistance to this concept of hurry look like in your own lives, and lead you to a better relationship with God, with others, and with yourself. Here is where you start the path of Living Un-Hurried.

Living Un-Hurried



  • Who's this study for? A: Anyone


  • Is this a group study? A: Living Un-Hurried is designed to be done in many different formats. You can use it as a personal devotional, work through it together with a partner or some friends, and it can be used in your Life Group.


  • How does this work? A: You can find the podcast episodes on our app, or directly from Apple, Spotify, or wherever else you get your podcasts. Start with episode 1. You can also find the questions here on the app. You can enter in answers to the questions directly from your phone - with the option to have them emailed to you when complete - with pen and paper, or any other way you'd like.


  • How long are the podcast episodes? A: All the episodes range from 25-30 minutes long.

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