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Everyone tries to make sense of the world and how the world works.  Living in the time of Jesus assumptions were made about, who had the power, what the rules were, who was in, and who was out. They killed the one who came to turn the world upside down, and called anyone who followed him a fool, but then what happened?  Jesus shows up! He is He has risen from the dead. Nope, dead is not dead, and what we think we know for sure, well maybe, just maybe there is more. Way more.


God is not predictable. God is mystery and beauty and amazing love and joy. And God’s presence in our life and world breaks in and through in the most surprising ways, leading us to places and new beginnings that we thought impossible.

Our relationship with God, who loves us beyond all measure is a  journey from death to life. Each of us has a unique relationship that requires attention, contemplation, and discovery. Henri Nouwen understood the spiritual life as a journey of faith and transformation that is deepened by accountability, community, and relationships. Spiritual Formation reveals Nouwen’s sage advice on how to live out the five classical stages of spiritual development. This Lent explore Nouwen’s unparalleled wisdom on how to move from the mind to the heart and live there in the center—the place where God dwells.


2022 Study
Spirtual Formation



  • Who's this study for? A: Anyone


  • Is this a group study? A: We meet as a group Wednesdays at 1:30 to study together. However, we understand this time doesn't work for everyone. The material will be posted here on the website and our app so everyone can have access to it.


  • How does this work? A: You can find the material here on the website and app. Each lesson begins with some scripture reflection and corresponds to a chapter(s) from the book. There is a short video followed by reflection/discussion questions for each lesson.


  • Where can I get the book? A: You can get a copy from the church or order it here.

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